The world renowned BACARDI® Cruise Competition is an international platform for bartenders onboard cruise and ferry lines to represent their ship and showcase their exceptional skills. It is now joining forces with the BACARDI® Legacy Competition where we are providing more training, experiences and international recognition for cruise bartenders all over the world.

The BACARDI® legacy competition was established to test the world’s most passionate, innovative and inspiring bartenders.

The BACARDI® Legacy Cocktail competition showcases the ‘best of the best’ in the global cocktail trade, providing a stage from which participants can share their innovative creations. Participants are challenged to create the next generation of classic rum cocktails using BACARDI Superior, BACARDI Gold rum and BACARDI 8. Classic cocktails are defined by their balance, flavour, quality, popularity and the story behind them.

Are you ready to craft drinks that will become as revered as the BACARDI Daiquiri and the BACARDI Mojito? Enter your cocktail before September 27th to participate.